Thursday, June 28, 2012

Witness to history.

I witnessed some history today. After getting poor sleep and waking up to feel like I was coming down with a cold, I got to work and opened the Supreme Court blog to realize that there was no way I could let this happen a mile away and not be part of it. So, without warning or planning, I grabbed my purse and ran to the bus stop. I got off at the wrong stop and had to book it across the Capitol lawn. Weaving through a HUGE throng of people, I finally managed to find K and her co-workers right in front of the Supreme Court just as the cheers started up from the crowd. It was total chaos after that – protestors on both sides were going back and forth. A Tea Party "advocate" had a sound system and was condemning the Court for not reading the Constitution. There were boos and cheers and hugs and people looking every emotion possible. My little group (two of which I had not met prior to today) hugged and took photos. It was truly an experience.

And I almost didn’t go. I am so glad that I can still be spontaneous and that I realize just how amazing this summer really is for me.

I am proud to be an American today.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is flying by!

I realized that I have been here for THREE weeks already! Where does the time go? I wish I could slow it down because I am really enjoying it here. I could use an extra day of weekend time, though. ;)

Work is going well. I am working on some civil rights issues that are really important to me (policing practices), and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have the opportunity to do that. Our office is in a bit of transition with some attorneys leaving and some new ones coming. It's a small section of the division anyway, so it is quite the upheaval. Everyone I work with has been absolutely wonderful. A lot of interesting events are set up for us as well. So far we've attended a Pride celebration at which the AG himself spoke, and we had a breakfast in the office of the Asst AG in charge of Civil Rights. He is a dynamic, interesting man, and it was a good experience to hear him greet us. There are a couple of brown bag events happening, as well as some speaking events for us to attend. This is a well designed plan for interns, and I appreciate it. I feel truly appreciated by everyone there. So, yeah, I could gush on more about work, but we'll leave it at this.

School is a couple weeks in. I am taking a twice-weekly class in governmental litigation. It's a pretty interesting course so far. The professor is a DOJ attorney, and he has a lot of good stories. He also brings snacks, so you can't really beat that. Honestly, though, I am glad I am taking the class. It's a good opportunity and the material is right up my alley. It does suck to have to trek out to Howard Law twice a week after work, but I get to see some good peeps in the class, which makes up for it.

I have met some great people, too. Some of them I knew in Seattle, some I didn't. I am enjoying getting to know new friends, and I've also had the chance to see a few old friends, too. I had dinner just last night with some friends I met via pen palling *years* ago. One lives here now, and the other was in town from Australia! The opportunity to meet in person was pretty neat. I have also caught up with at least one old friend from high school (talk about years ago!), and I may see a few more before I leave. It's amazing how many people I know in the DC area.

This past weekend I took a little trip, too. Being on this coast means close proximity to neat places. I took the Megabus (inexpensive double decker bus) to Philadelphia. I met my friend Nikki there, and we  stayed over at her place in suburban DC Friday night. Then, we took the train back in Saturday and did touristy things in Philly. We took a bus tour around the city, ate a cheesesteak, walked along South Street, all of the Philly essentials. The only bummer was that we couldn't get tickets to get into Independence Hall. I did take some photos from the outside. I guess all this means is that I need to go back to Philly!

I will try to post some photos I've taken around DC, as well as Philly, when I get the chance. I hope also to post here a little more!